A former ultimate player out of UNC Asheville and founder of Seven on the Line Productions LLC., Hugo has been involved in the North Carolina ultimate scene since 2010. As a writer, videographer and entrepreneur dedicated to digital storytelling about ultimate in the United States, he currently works with Ultiworld as well as multiple ultimate brands including Competitive Ultimate Training Camp, The Raleigh Flyers, and Lucid Travel.

Hugo’s focus has primarily been centered around the elite programs out of North Carolina, particularly in the Raleigh metropolitan area. His background as a player, endless quest to know more about the history of the sport, and attention to detail are at the heart of his work.

Outside of ultimate Hugo’s passions extend to all things history. At UNC Asheville he specialized in contemporary European History, graduating from UNC Asheville’s History program in 2016. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, close to one of the greatest hotbeds for ultimate in the country.